Selected POEMS

POETRY / “A Billion Things in One

CONTAINER / “Causes of Death” (published as a limited edition View-Master reel), forthcoming


CONCĪS / “if a body is bound i-iii


THE LOUISVILLE REVIEW / “Each Morning a Pomegranate Tree

MIRACLE MONOCLE / Some Kind of Sign

TINDERBOX POETRY JOURNAL / “IMMORTALITY II, Or, The Cats, Like Faithful Cancers, Came to You in the Night”  / “Russell Edson”  / “A Powerful Girl” (finalists for the Tinderbox Poetry Prize, judged by Ocean Vuong)

THE MADISON REVIEW / “Diazepam Orgasmatron Dulcinea” (as "Sestina") / “1000 Birds”



KENYON REVIEW / Four Poems from Frayer by Marie-Andrée Gill (Listen to an audio recording.)

THE COMMON / (forthcoming) Three translations from Spawn by Marie-Andrée Gill

GUERNICA / “to lick the skin of the water with a tongue...” (translation from Frayer by Marie-Andrée Gill)

THE OFFING / Six translations from Frayer by Marie-Andrée Gill: “to split the surface of the lake...”  / “I got up early to watch the sun...”  / “to dig a finger through the rampart’s fresh cement...”  / “we have hundreds of years of cataclysm ahead...”  / “the neck, ten centimeters open...  / “in all such houses...” 

TUPELO QUARTERLY / Three translations from Frayer by Marie-Andrée Gill: “we the unlikely...”  / “We have plans for you, they say...”  / “sometimes the sky pulls down his starry leggings...” 

POEM OF THE MONTH: LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT / ”How do you swallow the lake’s beauty…” (translation from Frayer by Marie-Andrée Gill)



HUMANA FESTIVAL OF NEW AMERICAN PLAYS / ”Plastica,” Finalist, National Ten-Minute Play Contest

KENNEDY CENTER AMERICAN COLLEGE THEATER FESTIVAL / “The Story of Izanagi and Izanami,” Winner, National Ten-Minute Play Contest